The European Court of Justice has ruled that Apple is entitled to a fair tax

The European Court of Justice has ruled that Apple is entitled to a fair tax

Apple has won an appeal to the European Court of Justice 2016 Decision of the European Commission The company has benefited for years from the subsidized tax system from Ireland, which allowed it to pay lower taxes on operations in the European Union. It is not a ploy by Apple to conceal revenue from tax authorities, but to the extent that Ireland has promised favorable tax conditions to convince its companies to bring their European headquarters there or not.

The commission ruled that between 2003 and 2013, the Irish government owed Apple നികുതി 13 billion in unpaid taxes and interest. Apple and the Irish Government However, they argued European Commission Edition: Ireland did not believe that Apple had any credit, and maintained that its qualitative tax policies were legitimate, useful to attract investment, and valid for all host companies. . Apple, on the other hand, said it had paid all taxes required by the Irish government and had not excluded taxes or hidden revenue.

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About four years later, the Court of the European Union He established Both Ireland-based Apple subsidiaries (Apple Sales International and Apple Operations Europe) have made no illegal gains from the Irish tax system and have therefore not violated any laws. Now the European Commission can decide whether to appeal to the Court of Internal Appeals.

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