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The EU vaccinated 29% in Bulgaria, and 93% – ahead of Ireland in Europe.

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(ANSA) – Brussels, November 23 – Bulgaria, with only 29%, has the lowest number of adults fully vaccinated in the EU, the highest mortality rate, or 325 deaths per million in 14 days. Romania lags behind in the EU, with 43% getting vaccinated and 267 deaths per one million inhabitants; Slovakia, 54%, 29 deaths. This is according to data from the European Commission, which was relaunched by health spokesman Stefan de Keersmaker on his Twitter profile.

Italy is in the middle high range, with 82% of adults having shots and 9 million people having 9 deaths. France is 81%, followed by 7 deaths, followed by Germany with 81% and 20 deaths. Slightly higher, however, in Sweden, 83%, 3 deaths; Finland 83%, 7 deaths; 84% in Spain, 4 deaths.

Ireland has the highest number of immunizations in the European Union, at 93%, 15 deaths per million citizens, followed by Portugal at 92% and 10 deaths; And Malta 92% of deaths are zero. (On the handle).

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