The Epic Games Store offers games-free games every day until the end of December

Alien Isolation

The Epic Games Store usually offers games-based games once a week. But the company wants to end the year. Instead of one a week, Epic Games offers a game-generated game for one day in December.


The first game genie game can be claimed before midnight today. The game itself is Alien: Insulation, a very good single player horror game starring Amanda Ripley. Epic Games has not revealed the genes of games left in its store.

That being said, a list of games that are offered is already leaked last week. It does not have to be in the order listed, but there is a reasonable chance that these games will appear in less capacity. There is also the opportunity to watch multiple games being born in one of these coming days. But we have to wait to make sure we give every day.

As a reminder, from today onwards, claim a game-generated game every day before midnight from the Epic Games Store. If you want to know what are the free generated games, the leaked list may be a hint.

(Source: EGS, CNET, av Joan Muncha / Twitter)

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