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The Epic Games CEO has warned that Apple’s ban will be a ‘death sentence’ for his company

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Carrie – Epic Games, the publisher of the world-famous Fortnight, has been embroiled in a legal battle between Apple and its latest allies over its latest court lawsuit, and Epic CEO has warned that his company could face the death penalty.

“Apple is a monopoly,” Epic a Filing late Friday A federal court in California is hearing a case surrounding Apple’s Epic ban from the Apple App Store.

Allowing Apple to pursue retaliation would inflict irreparable harm on Epic and its customers, ”Epic added.

In a tweet, Epic Games founder and CEO Tim Sweeney described Apple’s decision to ban Epic as a “death penalty” for his multi-billion dollar company and others.

“In the real world, it’s not a big deal when a store decides which product to store – you go to another store and buy,” Sweeney tweeted.

“Under Apple’s monopoly, the decision not to carry a product is a death sentence for that product and expels all its iOS users.”

With over 116 million gamers playing Fortnight on iOS, it becomes the game’s largest platform, larger than the player base on Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PlayStation, PC or Android, CNN commented.

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Apple is fighting Google over similar issues.

But the fight with Apple over Epic’s insistence that players make “in-app” purchases directly through the Epic system and that they do not have to pay a 30% fee per person has received the most media attention over the past month. . Despite Apple’s attempts to ban Epic from all aspects of the iOS system, a federal court issued an order on August 24 blocking Apple’s move to block developers’ access to the world’s most popular Epic URL game engine.

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However, the Fortnight ban continues.

Friends became enemies in this fight.

Apple and Epi have collaborated on various projects for years. Apple has introduced Epic Execution on stage at developers’ events to highlight games, the Epic game engine, and related developments.

The judge barred Apple from completely banning Epic Games from the App Store

In a new filing, Epic announced:

“[Apple] Controls all app distribution on iOS. It controls all in-app payment processing for digital content on iOS. It maintains these two monopolies illegally by explicitly prohibiting competitive entry into both markets. This case is likely to be lost.

“However, in this resolution, all Epic attempts are to prevent Apple from retaliating against Epic for attempting to question Apple’s misconduct.

“In more detail in the complaint, on August 13, 2020, Epic terminated compliance with one of Apple’s anti – competition laws:

“It offered its popular game Fortnight to its players with the option of paying a lower price on in-app purchases with a competitive payment processor. This is the first step in a long journey to free consumers and developers from Apple’s decades – old monopoly.
Distribution on iOS and payment processing in the app.

“Apple retaliated brutally. Epic not only removes Fortnight from the expected App Store, but also announces that it will terminate all of Epic’s Apple Developer Program accounts and eliminate Epic access to software devices that are widely available to the public.

“This is a clear warning to any other developer who dares to challenge Apple’s monopolies: obey our rules or we will exclude you from one billion iOS customers. Challenge us, we will destroy your business.”

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In short, Apple, which has been accused of abusing its power to create and maintain two monopolies, has sought to force Epic to enforce illegal restrictions with the same authority. The court should not allow Apple to enforce these restrictions. ”

Apple Corps said in a statement on Monday that it had no plans to sue Epic, but that the Euphrates’ Court of Appeals guidelines should be followed in the last decade or so. The epic was rejected. ”

Read the entire file online.

Epic Games chooses major ally Microsoft in legal battle with Apple

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