The entire November ‘Beaver Moon’ and lunar eclipse will be on display at this week’s Sky Show

School observers will receive a double treat by the end of November 2020 in part Lunar eclipse Completely occurring “Beaver MoonThe morning sky is shining.

Beaver Moon – nicknamed – Monday, November 30 at 4:30 a.m. Eastern time, 4:30 p.m. So it will look bigger and brighter in the sky on Sunday night and Tuesday night – assume the clouds do not block your view.

(Unfortunately, a Heavy rain storm Monday is expected to break the New Jersey area, which will last until Tuesday.)

Partial lunar eclipse

As the moon fills up on Monday morning, a Partial lunar eclipse – Also known as a penumbral eclipse. While not as dramatic as a total lunar eclipse, experts say it will be visible to astronomers in New Jersey and other parts of North America.

Astronomers believe that a penumbral eclipse occurs when the Moon travels through the Earth’s shadow or penumbra and blocks part of the Sun’s light from shining on the Moon.

On Monday morning, Joe Rao, author of astronomy, said, “It takes 4 hours and 21 minutes for the Moon to travel across the light outer part of the Earth’s shadow (the penumbra), never reaching the shadow’s dark umbrella.”

“About 20 minutes before the deep phase of the eclipse, you may find some evidence of this faint penumbral shading at the top of the moon,” Rao notes. “It is about 4:22 EST; 3:22 am CST; 2:22 am MT, 1:22 am PST. ”

If it were a full lunar eclipse instead of a partial one, the entire moon would darken briefly and give a reddish-orange color.

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By the way, it is It is perfectly safe to watch a lunar eclipse Using a telescope, binoculars or your own eyes. No special filters are required.

The full moon in November 2020 is coming soon and its nickname is “Beaver Moon”.Bruno Glatz | Pixby

Origin of the Beaver Moon nickname

The Nickname “Beaver Moon” Algonquin are descended from Native American tribes and American colonists, who gave each full moon nicknames based on climate, farming methods, and hunting trends.

Some publications TimeAndDate.comThe “November Moon” got its name from the beavers who built the dams at this time of year. ”

The The five demons of the peasantry The nickname is said to have come from beavers preparing for winter in November, but it may have something to do with hunters. “It was time to set up beaver traps and distribute the warm fur of winter before the swamps froze,” says the publication.

Other nicknames for the full moon

Like other full moons throughout the year, the November full moon also created less Different nicknames Overtime.

In addition to the popular “Beaver Moon” moniker, The November Full Moon The “hunter moon”, “mourning moon”, “reed moon” and “snow moon” also indicate the cooling of the weather during this month.

Full cold moon - December

The full moon in December is called the “cold moon” because of the cold winter air.Pixby

Full moon in 2020

If you have not had the opportunity to see the full moon in November, you can watch the whole of December.Cold moon. ”

At 10:28 pm on Tuesday, December 29, Eastern Time, the Moon will officially reach its full moon, so the night before (December 28) and the next two nights (December 30, December 31) will be larger.

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