The English also have the right to have a parliament of their own

The English also have the right to have a parliament of their own

To avoid the overthrow of the United Kingdom, this historian proposes two radical solutions: to give the Scots an immediate referendum on the re-integration of the balance of power, and to create the Parliament of England.

This is the head of the biggest constitutional crisis of the last century. A victory for the Scottish National Party (SNP) in the Scottish Parliamentary elections revives calls for a new independence referendum rejected by Boris Johnson. May 2021 also marks the centenary of the partition of Ireland, the anniversary of the outrage on the part of the Northern Irish Unionists who felt betrayed in the post-Brexit trade. As summer approaches, so does the Loyalist Parade season [un courant plus radical de l’unionisme] These tensions will intensify in Northern Ireland.

What to do? Is constitutional reform necessary or are there political solutions? Two decisions can help you avoid the most immediate threats. The first is that the possible victory of the SNP on May 6 will be seen as a mandate for a new referendum and will allow Scottish Prime Minister Nicola Sturgeon to organize.

A favorable context in London

Because the context is not more favorable to the Unionists. Scottish voters know that being in the UK is an asset of this epidemic and has enabled them to get a vaccine faster. They know that the adjustment mechanism of the British Treasury is far from affecting them, with പൊതു 100 (5 115) worth of public funds under it.


Philip Johnston

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Atlantic, anti-European material, hypocritical and committed to formation, is the leading orthodox newspaper in reference. Founded in 1855, it is the last of the high quality newspapers to be abandoned in large format. That is his agenda

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