The End of the World puts a nexus-centric trailer with animation with you

The End of the World puts a nexus-centric trailer with animation with you

Square Enix’s animation adaptation of The World Ends with You has dropped its first trailer, focusing on Neku Sakuraba.

A new trailer for it The world ends with you: animation The main character, Neku, was released focusing on Sakuraba.

The trailer opens with an obscure static, and then shifts to Neku when waking up in the middle of Shibuya district in Japan. As people and objects pass through him, he quickly realizes that he has become a ghost.

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The animation is based on the Square Enix game of the same name. The world ends with you The game focuses on Neku’s quest to win a game that allows him to return to the land of the living. Along the way, he joins forces with other allies and fights the Nigo Re Maya Reapers. Its development was inspired by Square Enix Hearts of the Kingdom The franchise, in particular Network of memories times. Improved port of the game The World Ends With You: The Final Remix Released in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch.

The world ends with you: animation It will be on display through Funimation in 2021. Produces the Square Enix series with Domerica and Shin-e animation. Also, many of the figures behind the original game are back to help the anime. Take‌haru Ishimoto provided the music while Tetsuya Nomura and General Kobayashi worked on the character design. Gamemaker Tomohiko Hirano and director Tatsuya Kanto are overseeing the production.

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