The election in Northern Ireland: a crucial political issue

The election in Northern Ireland: a crucial political issue

Each election period evokes deep-seated divisions in Northern Ireland. The natives have an expression for it: The “Orange and Green Policy”. Orange, to British Unionists, Protestants looking to London; Irish Green for Catholics and Republicans seems to have attached themselves to Dublin.

Analysis. The protocol in Northern Ireland is criticized, but may remain here

Since the formation of the Local Assembly in 1998, both races have been forced to live together in a coalition government. A Prime Minister and a Deputy Prime Minister jointly share executive activities, which leads to disruptions and discussions. The proof is this: in the twenty-four years of existence of the institution, only two-thirds of the Northern Irish delegates were present.

Polls give Sinn Fin a favorite

This year, the shares are high. Support for the DUP, the main union party that previously won up to 38 seats, has declined since Brexit. He focuses his campaign against the Protocol in Northern Ireland, a system imposed by the European Union that imposes restrictions on the Irish Sea and alienates him from Great Britain.

If confronted with him, the Republican camp could win for the first time since the formation of the province. His main party, Sinn Fin, never won more than 29 seats, but described himself as “self-governing”, taking advantage of the comparative gains promised by the DUP’s collapse. “Real change”Supporter of AU “Good future”. Its program focuses more on the cost of living than on the reunification of the two Irelands – the issue is as worrying as it gets together. For a few weeks, the polls gave him a favorite.

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While waiting for the vote, the candidates and their teams ring the doorbell in their respective constituencies. According to Matthew O’Toole of the moderate nationalist SDLP party, voters are complaining. “Concerns over health services”Has “Difficulties at the end of the month” as well as “Politicians’ inability to work for the government”. Lorna Smith, a representative of TUV, the ultra – conservative union party, was one of the few who confirmed it. “People are competing against protocol, and (It) Can’t escape the question! ⁇

A symbolic choice

Although past campaigns have marked poster theft and intimidation, police have already recorded more than 100 incidents this year. Some candidates were threatened and rejected and asked to leave their Protestant neighborhoods. A South Belfast SDLP representative was attacked by two masked men. At the same time, they are organizing large protest rallies against the protocol and threatening not to form a coalition government if they lose the election.

Report. In Derry, Northern Ireland, the wounds from Bloody Sunday are still raw.

The symbolic significance of this vote is on everyone’s mind. Grain, 27, a catering student, believes “As a woman and as a Catholic, we had to fight twice as hard to get votes and representation, so participation is even more important.”. Others are concerned about the lack of participation of young unionists. “It simply came to our notice then.Says a social worker. As if they had already given up. ⁇

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