The economic flow of the European Union is closely monitored

The economic flow of the European Union is closely monitored

The next generation, the European Union, has given the green light to the EU’s first plans to revive the economies of member states due to the epidemic, starting with Portugal and Spain. The EPPO (European Public Prosecutor’s Office), designed in 2017, was launched after receiving the green light from Parliament and the Council of the European Union. It has a special responsibility to deal with all phenomena of corruption, fraud and money laundering. Member states (from medium to long term we talk about three thousand cases per year, when the body is functioning at full capacity). The financial loss to the European Union due to VAT fraud – according to Olaf, according to the European Anti-Fraud Office (which is the service of the European Commission) – is 50 billion euros. 500 million other losses as a result of criminal proceedings. In short, these figures have a significant impact on European budgets.

Laura Codruta Covezi, European Public Prosecutor. © CDT / AC

Former DNA chief in Bucharest

After a lengthy selection process, prosecutor Laura Codruta summoned Covezi to the office of the Community Prosecutor. The Romanian, who is already in charge of DNA – her country’s national anti-corruption department – can use the cooperation of 22 national prosecutors (one for each member state). The European Public Prosecutor’s Office was created as an independent body, headquartered in Luxembourg. In the upper chambers of Brussels, expectations for Kowesi’s appointment are very high. The magistrate prosecuted hundreds of politicians, public officials, members of the judiciary, municipal governments and sports for crimes such as corruption and official misconduct. In a recent interview, Monica Holmeier, head of the European Parliament’s Budget Control Commission, underscored Kavesi’s “excellent ability and courage” in the fight against corruption in her country, saying “she will do a great job”.

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Abilities of the Magistrate

The prosecutor recently told the international media that he wanted to use his professional experience “in favor of a strong and independent prosecutor.” The 22 national prosecutors working for the European Union in Luxembourg will work “as a team” and 88 additional prosecutors will be added to the various national prosecutors. In short, these magistrates will represent the EPPO and their colleagues from different countries will have the same skills in the areas of investigation, prosecution and indictment. There are also specific amounts that define the action of European prosecutors: to justify starting an investigation, the damage to the EU must be at least 100,000 euros, and 10 million respectively in relation to VAT fraud.

The European Public Prosecutor’s Office has a budget of less than $ 50 million a year. However, not all EU states have joined the EPPO: Poland, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark and Ireland do not participate in the Super Power of Attorney program. Slovenia, through the popular Prime Minister Janus Jansa, even prevented the appointment of two appointed prosecutors to investigate him. However, the EPPO is in its infancy, ready to mark a turning point in international investigations.

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