The east side of the earth is not equal to the west side

The east side of the earth is not equal to the west side

A group of scientists in the United States have pointed out a strange phenomenon that occurs under our feet, especially in the atmosphere of the planet’s nucleus, which can affect the balance of the world.

In a new study from the University of California, a group of seismologists found a strange change in the planet’s inner core that could possibly affect our planet.

There is an imbalance between Brazil and Indonesia

According to research published in the scientific journal “CytecDaily”, the inner core (cortex of the nucleus), which is made up of solid iron, grows larger on one side than on the other for unknown reasons.

The results of the study indicate that the fastest growth is under the Banda Sea in Indonesia, and on the one hand this increased growth indicates that heat is rapidly being removed from the Earth’s outer core or the inner core of something in the lower mantle of Indonesia. On the other hand, below Brazil.

“The Earth’s inner core grows faster on the east than on the west.

Scientists have suggested that rapid cooling from one side of the planet could lead to the crystallization of iron and the growth of the inner core on this side.

The lack of delay creates an obstacle in the Earth’s “dynamo”

Scientists say the event will affect the planet’s magnetic field and its history, because thermal differences between the planet’s inner core and outer atmosphere “lead the dynamo that creates the magnetic field that protects us today from the harmful particles from the sun.”

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“We set very flexible limits for the age of the inner core, which is half a billion to 1.5 billion years old, and it can be found in the core,” said Barbara Romanovich, a professor of Earth and Planetary Sciences. This information helps to understand how the magnetic field is formed at the University of California and at Emeritus, director of the Berkeley Seismological Laboratory (BSL).

“We know that there was a magnetic field 3 billion years ago, so other processes must have been transmitted to the outer core at that time,” Romanovich added.

Scientists at Nantes University in France and the University of California have developed a computer model for crystal growth in the inner core that incorporates geodynamic growth patterns and the mineralophysics of iron, giving indicators of high pressure and temperature.

Scientists say this pattern has yielded somewhat bizarre results, namely, “the inner core is asymmetrical. The west side looks different from the line from tip to center on the east side. The only way we can explain this is that one side is growing faster than the other.”

The model indicates that the eastern part of the planet has 60% more uneven growth compared to the western. “What we are proposing in this paper is an unbalanced model of solid convection in the inner core, which matches seismic observations with reliable geodynamic boundary conditions,” says Romanovich.

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