The earth’s core is corroded; Waiting for the oxygen flood?


Scientists say rust is affecting the Earth’s core, which is about 2,900 kilometers below the Earth’s surface. This is the first such discovery here of an iron-nickel alloy. The study was published in the scientific journal Advancing Earth and Space Science.

Iron rust occurs when it comes in contact with water or moist air. Laboratory experiments have shown that the corrosion process can occur even when exposed to high pressure, a mineral containing iron and hydroxyl. Scientists say the situation is similar with the Earth’s inner core and the second core, the mantle. If so, scientists say, there is a risk of corrosion there as well.

Scientists say they can study underground erosion by studying the flow of volcanoes. The boundary between the Earth’s core and the mantle is full of different chemical and physical conditions. In the paper, the scientists say that if the rust has been going on for a long time, there may be a layer of rust 3 to 5 km thick.

Earth core corrosion
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It provides information on the depth of water circulation in the Mantle region and specific areas where seismic waves are slowed down. But nothing is easy to confirm, as research is not possible directly at the border in Cormont. Scientists say that the study of this process will also provide information about the Great Oxygenation event that took place on Earth 250 million years ago. This event created the Earth’s oxygen – rich atmosphere. Scientists believe that rust on the inner core may have played a key role in this process.

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What is the effect of this corrosion? Scientists say such erosion could lead to a larger oxygen production event in the future. It will pave the way for oxygen to reach the atmosphere in a big way. The resulting environmental, climatic and climate change is now difficult to predict. But scientists plan to do more research on the subject.

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