The Dutch and Irish return for training in Shiranna. Canotype varicose veins –

The Dutch and Irish return for training in Shiranna.  Canotype varicose veins -

Last year – in February 2020 – they represented The last remnant of declining nature In ways and times that none of us have thought of. This year – February 2021 – They are small flowers, To keep still vulnerable and with care and hope, Of a rebirth expected as air. I do not know Shiranna, In Italy, in the world.

We write to the gods Four Dutch Rovers (With two coaches) That Next week they will find a way to a “second home” that incorporates professionalism, opportunity, and the beauty to enjoy:. The first vanguards of the international archery resume will reach the shores of our lake, allowing them to re-invest in a rowing center of excellence position in order to train in line with the many commitments of a long – competitive season.

Of course, this number will be very different from last year when Kovid has not yet appeared in our lives. It was February 27, and the guests of the convent, between the structures between the ground and the bed, 70 boys from Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Eindhoven, Maastricht, Herlan and Leiden trained, With a kit of 15 coaches, everyone entered a self-discovered technological and geographical paradise. The next day there was the first positive news in Waris, but the first limitations, however, did not prevent the stay. Many athletes “tulips”, then returned to their homeland and finally – in a very short return post – End of broadcasts Competition in a series of rules that make travel and training impossible. In balance, In 2020, it was hosted by a Dutch group.

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Sports-cultural exchange can resume after about 365 days, Supports regulations currently in force. And, and Orange, Space for even one Delegation of the Irish National Team, For on-field training. “I’m happy – Announcing General Manager of Connaught Waris Pierre Polo FratiniHopefully this is really a resume. From an economic point of view that something is starting to move, it is good for our company and the entire hospitality network that includes it..

The viewfinder points straight to the month April, When Varese will host Pre-Olympics ed Europeans, The eyes of rowers around the world turn to him: the net of what we have now learned is impossible to control, and here by the lake everything is ready for life as before.

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