The dust on Mars got in the devil photo – Mars News

The dust on Mars got in the devil photo - Mars News

The dusty devil on Mars was in the photo. Photo:

A team of astronomers from the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration has discovered a rare phenomenon on Mars.

During the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter space mission, NASA scientists studied the anthropomorphic pits of Antonio to create a map of the red planet, as well as weather, atmospheric phenomena, and geography. At some point, they noticed a large dust demon, which left a deep mark on the planet’s surface. About it on March 6th Informing 4PDA.

During the flight around Mars, the space probe took a picture of the dust devil from a very good angle. The photo, taken with a Highrise camera, was donated to the University of Arizona. The photo shows the dark path abandoned by the dust devil. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.

NASA expects a sexual vortex to overtake the Mars Insight rover, which recently limited its operations due to dust particles on solar panels. If a vortex is running nearby, the device may restart. In the event that the dust devil flies near the Mars rover “Persistence”, he will be able to capture an interesting phenomenon using modern equipment.

The dusty devil on Mars was in the photo.  Photo: NASA

We are reminded of NASA’s persistence rover First trip It crossed about 6.5 meters on the Red Planet. The total travel time of the robot was 33 minutes. During the voyage, engineers inspected the rover’s chassis and wheels.

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