The “drone” is targeting a Parchin military site in Iran, a US official has said

The "drone" is targeting a Parchin military site in Iran, a US official has said

Drones were targeted Perch Military Website According to the New York Times, Iran is developing nuclear missile and drone technology, said three Iranians and a U.S. official who knew about the attack.

On Wednesday evening, drones struck at the site of a highly sensitive complex 37 miles southeast of the capital, which, according to Iranian sources, did not allow them to speak in public.

They explained that drones had exploded in a building used by the Iranian Ministry of Defense, killing a young engineer who worked in the ministry and injuring another.

The institution is unknown

In addition, Israeli officials declined to comment, but a U.S. official confirmed that the drones had attacked Parch, but did not say who was behind them or provide any other details.

According to Iranian sources familiar with the attack, the drone strike began inside Iran on Wednesday, especially near the Parchin facility, which has a small flight range for aircraft.

The drone research center in Parchin is aimed at modeling Israel’s efforts to counter Iran’s growing capabilities for drones.

Parchin location in Iran

The main factory for the manufacture and storage of drones

In early February, a senior intelligence official familiar with the operation said that Israel had used six drones containing explosives near the town of Kermanshah, Iran’s main factory for the manufacture and storage of military drones. That Israeli attack destroyed dozens of Iranian drones.

Instead, Iran responded by firing ballistic missiles at a residential complex in northern Iraq, saying Israeli agents were planning attacks against Iran.

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Iranian sources familiar with the attack said the drone strike began Wednesday inside Iran, near the Parchin military base, which has a small flight range for the drones used in the attack, and that Parchin was too far from the Iranian border.

This is not the first time Israel has used elements of Iran to attack Iran.

He was pronounced dead a few days ago Khodai, a hunter, shot a colonel in the Revolutionary Guard In Tehran last Sunday, an intelligence official said that Israel had told the United States that they were behind his assassination.

Officials said the Israeli intent was a warning to Iran to stop targeting Israeli citizens abroad.

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