The drama about the iPhone 14 technology: Apple distributors caught in a scam

The drama about the iPhone 14 technology: Apple distributors caught in a scam

Apple For years it had wanted to reduce its reliance on Samsung for displays, but now it is facing a major setback. The CEO of the Chinese company is said to have adopted the technology without consulting Apple, and the cooperation has been suspended.

If you want to work with Apple, you must not go around in secret

Last month, BEO proudly announced that it would be making 30 million OLED screens along with Apple’s iPhone 14. iPhone 14 Pro Max To take over. As reported by the Korean magazine The Elect, the US group has not yet given its final blessing to the order. The reason, of course, may be due to current problems: BEO is said to have “caught” in adjusting the circuit width of the iPhone 13 panels earlier this year, according to “people familiar with the matter”. “This was done without Apple’s approval, perhaps to increase yields,” he was quoted as saying Ilak Its sources.

Accordingly, the BEO sent its senior managers and other key executives to Apple headquarters to answer questions related to the unauthorized adjustment of the “circuit width of the transistors”. To the best of our knowledge, this action may be too late, as Apple is currently considering not placing an order for post-event OLED panels. iPhone-14-Series Allowed. During Cupertino’s visit, the BEO tried to make a reasonable commitment, but did not receive a “clear answer” from Apple.

But again, Samsung and LG

So, if the BOEs are excluded, Apple seems to be blaming itself for ordering 30 million OLED screens from its two big partners, Samsung and LG. That is what is expected now Samsung Display LG Display will produce 6.1-inch and 6.7-inch panels for the iPhone 14 Pro models, while LG Display is said to add 6.7-inch additional panels for the top-of-the-line iPhone 14 Pro Max. It will be interesting to see how Apple solves the crisis in this distribution network.

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