The drag line in the central banks is taught in Europe and the USA

The drag line in the central banks is taught in Europe and the USA

In 2015 Mario Draghi Launched Quantitative simplification In addition to structurally unorganized measures such as Targeted Long Term Refinancing Operations (TALTRO) to impose a suspension of the European Central Bank’s measures against the financial crisis, it actually worked beyond the mandate and beyond the reach of EuroTower. Field. Draghi noted the fact that the EU’s actions were destructive without carrying out revolutions using the experience gained and the limits of a monetary policy aimed at pursuing the logic of austerity. Six years later, the lesson of the current Prime Minister has become the ECB’s golden rule at the regulatory and concrete level.

Christine Lagarde, He is the Irish Chief Economist for his ECB Philip Lane, Dragiano Tra I Dragiani applied the first rev official review of the EuroTower law from 2003 to date, which increased the likelihood of incorporation by raising the traditional inflation target to 2%. For this To aim temporarily beyond those levels. In fact, legitimize the possibility of deviating from the normal course of strategic actions and policies, as happened to Dragie’s queue and its natural inheritor, Plan. Anti-pandemic This includes a total of ആയി 3,000 billion.

The former director of the International Monetary Fund spoke Financial Times His vision for monetary policy on the old continent, underlined, was that the Euro Tower had set monetary policies capable of operating with “continuity” and “persistence”. On the lower level. It is necessary to inform Monetary policy Stimulants and action drivers in the context of money aimed at working against any possible crisis situations. “Extensive oversight by the ECB will have to be reconciled with the strategic review,” Lagarde added. As he speaks instead of his successor in the Eurotower Mario Draghi, Ten years after taking the helm of the ECB. Of course, the new document does not have a clear position on helicopter money and the conversion of the ECB. The lender of the last trust For European Governments; But the ECB’s strategic review puts the search for a growth exactly on paper Strategic autonomy A sovereign, “commissioner” institution in Europe.

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Dragonism has been institutionalized from the perspective of money in Europe since it became mainstream thinking across the Atlantic. Welcome Barack Obama With jealousy Donald Trump In the European Union, Draghi was constantly confronted by his colleague Janet Yellen during his stay at the ECB. Secretary to the Treasury Of the Biden regime. Jerome Powell, The federal governor recently set a date for the first increase in the discount rate in 2023 and mediated between the “soft” expectations expressed at the May meeting, during which time the horizon was set for 2024, and the positions of the US Central Bank’ing “hawks” frighten inflation. Powell set one up from the early days of the Covid crisis Financial intrigue The recession buffering policies first implemented by the Trump administration were later established by the Biden administration.

In fact, in the context of the lessons learned from the work of the ECB, the focus was on further coordination between the activities of the Federation and the real economy, which set up a queue different from the one promoted. Ben Bernanke During the time of Lehman Brothers. With all the resources offered by the global burden of the dollar and US finance, Federer was able to promote a move by any other central institution on this planet to revive an unparalleled economy.

Federer and the ECB communicate, deploy, and speak actively. The Atlantic Convention Rates and monetary references refer to central banks gaining more political awareness in this era of historically increasing their burden on global conditions. Mario Draghi He already knew this during the first European queue: now a developing coincidence, it opens the strings and breaks the barriers to inflation and opens for support A bad Keynesian On the part of the government, this serves his agenda as Prime Minister. An interesting dichotomy: the Draghi Central Banker laid the groundwork for the reversal of Prime Minister Draghi’s action.

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