The DOJ has announced new oversight of monitoring applications from elected officials and campaign officials

The DOJ has announced new oversight of monitoring applications from elected officials and campaign officials

The reforms will “enable the FBI to build a more robust internal compliance program” that will ensure accuracy in other respects. [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] Active monitoring of applications, and applications aimed at federal elected officials, candidates for federal elected office, and their staff. ” Says in a press release from the Justice Department.

Barr and Wray sought to strengthen the Foreign Intelligence Observation Court application procedures Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz released a report last December The FBI is reviewing its handling of the Trump campaign’s investigation into Russia.

Although Horowitz found that the bureau’s actions during the investigation were not influenced by political bias, he acknowledged the various inaccuracies and omissions made by FBI officials in a court-ordered application to monitor former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page.

After reviewing more than 200 errors in FISA court applications flagged by Horowitz’s office, the Justice Department and the FBI determined that only two of them were “material.” It was made public last month as submitted by the court.

However, the Horowitz report “describes the FBI’s unacceptable and unrepresentative behavior as an organization,” Wray said in a statement Tuesday. “The FBI is committed to continuing to strengthen our FISA compliance efforts and to ensuring that our FISA authorities act responsibly,” he added.

In his statement, federal law enforcement officials lamented the president’s behavior. “What happened to the Trump campaign and subsequent administration after the American people elected the president should never happen again,” he said.

Appointed by Bar John Durham, U.S. Attorney in Connecticut to examine the origin of the Russian investigation – Home Department Department investigation Former FBI attorney Kevin Kleinsmith has pleaded guilty Last month in changing the email used to search for tracking warrants against the page.

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