The dog attacks the sports game to ‘steal’ the player’s ball; Video

The dog attacks the sports game to 'steal' the player's ball;  Video

Last Saturday, the 11th, the women’s cricket team – a sport similar to baseball – was played on the field by an unusual player: a puppy. Sundaran “stole” the match ball.

The incident took place during the T20 Cup semi-final between Brady and the Civil Service in Ireland

Dogs know how to attract attention when needed. These little furs here are well known for attracting the attention of fans, commentators and players and making them laugh when the game is attacked to steal the ball.

Pattudinho remained on the stand with his owner until he decided to take action and take part in the competition. With a collar and everything, he took the field, grabbed the ball and ran, causing the players to follow him.

“Oh! The dog has the ball!” Said one commenter in a video clip, Now viral, before he and his colleague exploded.

A young man, who appears to be the owner, runs after the naughty boy to retrieve the ball and throw it out of the middle of the game. Laughing!

The video, which garnered more than 4 million views, 9,568 likes and hundreds of laughing comments, was shared on the team’s Twitter account.

Check out the moment:

This game was really exciting! But Why dogs love balls?

Accordingly BitDog, Regardless of size and model, the ball represents a ‘prey’, a naturally occurring prey if they are still struggling dogs to survive.

This is because the fact that the balls ‘dominate’ such as ‘run’, ‘jump’ and ‘run away’ and eventually ‘kill’ gives the fur great pleasure.

Also watch this video:

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