The disease has already claimed 3 victims

When it comes to pandemics, it rains wet. Five years after the last eruption, a new emergency reappears

Within days, the disease had already affected seven people and killed three. The World Health Organization is ready to mobilize by sending the necessary doctors, medicines and equipment in case of emergencies.

The epidemic in West Africa during the four years 2013-2016 reported 28,000 cases, of which less than half (11,300) died.

Beginning in Guinea, the virus spread to neighboring Liberia and Sierra Leone, and then spread beyond Africa: Ebola deaths have been reported in the USA, the United Kingdom and Spain, and one victim in Italy.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has promised to bring half a million vaccines to Guinea as soon as possible. According to some media sources, the first victim of the new wave will be a nurse, who will have a new infection at his funeral on February 1, with all the symptoms of Ebola: diarrhea, vomiting, bleeding, and a high fever.

The Guinean eruption was confirmed by Health Minister Remy Lama after the first cases showed normal symptoms. People in contact with infected people were immediately stopped by the ship.

The virus was first detected in 1976, but until 2013 the death toll was only “1600”. Nothing compared to 11,300 in 2013-2016. Since then, eleven other Focal Centers have followed suit, the last of which was extinguished in the Congo last November, killing 55 people. [L.M.]

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