The discovery of the Ballaster Dam promotes a plan to generate electricity

The discovery of the Ballaster Dam promotes a plan to generate electricity

The Draft Interview with Provincial Water Department (DPA) To install a Central Hydroelectric in Dam Ballaster made a new breakthrough after discovering an additive conduit precisely designed to generate energy by integrating the original design of the great irrigation work of the Alto Valley, which was inaugurated on 19.16.

The pipeline is underground, a portion of the intake that diverts the Neuquen River at the beginning of the main irrigation channel, extending 20 m downward parallel to the left bank.

It starts at the two gates on the left, which never open.

The discovery was made by HCA Consultora SRL, a company commissioned to conduct a pre-feasibility study, and its findings were presented at a recent meeting at the same dam, with the assistance of DPA Chief Fernando Curati, the official secretary of the Department of Irrigation, and the EGO of the Department of Irrigation, and the REGO.

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The novelty created a remarkable excitement, because even though they had data on its existence, it was not a certainty. Not only the vision of the future of the professionals who designed the building at the beginning of the last century, but also the quality of their implementation was astounding.

“It’s amazing. We unveiled it. It’s years old, but it’s flawless.

One of the most experienced employees of the company – “Gardadick”, he explained – they matched the good condition in which the collector was found, they went through it, they did not find it in perfect condition, and found nothing random except a few. Waste.

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The end point of the pipeline should be marked with a well, next to which the plant should be constructed using a system of hydraulic turbines, in a sector within the limits of the DPA. A few hundred meters below it, water would flow into the river.

Lopez said the discovery strengthens the energy plan, but an important step has been lost, namely raising funds to carry out the work, which is estimated to cost about $ 4.5 million. That will be the next important step.

The hope is in the renovation program launched by the National Government in 2015 with the aim of promoting power generation from the use of renewable sources such as wind, solar, biogas and minor hydraulic utilities. As in this case.

Irrigation Channel Gates 3 CH.jpg

Minor exploits

The plant projected on the dam will have the capacity to generate 0.7 MW (MW), which is less than the Planissi Banderita, which produces 460 MW or 1,200 L Chocon. For this reason it is considered a “small use”. In any case, appreciate the contribution it makes over time, and above all the majority of the required structure has already been built, which has not changed since 1916.

Lopez added that the DPA also has other small-scale energy projects that work closely with the Ministry of Energy. In each case, they plan to develop a project at the Julian Romero plant in Cinco Saltos, to properly install generating turbines at five waterfalls and another between Alan and Guerrico.

It all depends on the validity of the renewal and its benefits for this type of work.

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