The disappearance of Kaka Merlina, who is expected to defend the British crown, is a matter of concern

The disappearance of Kaka Merlina, who is expected to defend the British crown, is a matter of concern

TheElon Law Epic, “If the Crows of the Tower of London lose or fly away, the crown will fall and the United Kingdom will go with it.”. With this sword of Damocles hanging over his head, the British are actively searching for Merlina, the leader of a group of birds that must protect the country.

Corvid “Not seen in the tower for weeks, his long absence indicates that he may have been unfortunately dead.”, The Tower of London’s Twitter account was announced on Wednesday (January 13). As if to avert misfortune, the institution hastened to say that the fort, built from 1066 at the time of the Norman conquest, still shelters seven crows. “More than one in six required”.

To believe the legend, we are indebted to Charles II (1630-1685) for the introduction of the crows, which must always have been six on the site. To force them to stay, even one of their wings is clipped, yet that does not prevent them from flying.

A strange crow in the service of His majesty

Christopher Skyf, the sixth raven master and responsible for their well-being, describes Merlina as the lone, lonely, and almost strange beast who entered the service of Her Majesty in 2007. “He’s a free-spirited bird.”, He explained on the radio BBC4. Before returning to the circumstances of his disappearance: “It was just before Christmas, before we were imprisoned, we put the crows to bed.” [dans leur volière] She did not return. I’m her boyfriend, usually she will come back, but not this time. “

In his autobiography, The Ravenmaster: My Life with the Ravens in the Tower of London (Ed. Farar, Strauss, Girox, 2018, untranslated), Christopher Skyf described his relationship with Merlina: “She loves to play with sticks and move on.” Or imitate the cries of the beaches “To annoy them”. He stated: “I consider her the princess of the tower because she refused to hang out with other crows or sleep with others, because I made them when I became the owner of the crows, in 2011.” Greedy, she would sometimes ask crisps from visitors to the site.

The Daily Mail Explains that crows sometimes roam the walls of the fort with British crown jewels. But, in general, they return at night. In 2011, a raven named Munin traveled to Greenwich, ten kilometers from the tower, before returning a week later. In 1981 a fixed Grog Dressed well. He was last seen outside the East End Pub Rose and Punchball. After twenty-one years of faithful service, Grog clearly felt that he needed a landscape.

Reserve crow

As in 2013, bird-eating also occurs Jubilee et grip The fox was killed. So they are now asleep.

But what is the significance of falls or foxes? Over the past few years, Jubilee, Harris, Grip, Rocky and Erin have joined the Tower. They arrived there as a delivered chicken Martin Harris, Breeder of Somerset (died 2016), Poppy and George were born there as part of a new program.

The residence is very successful for them: while the wild crows usually live between ten and fifteen, some of the inhabitants of the tower have turned 40 years old. But others do not match, and are sent back to the breeder: this was the situation Pearl, Who mistreated his peers and found Mr. Harris in 2011.

As for the legend of the crows who were supposed to protect the kingdom, Jeff Parnell, Tower of London History The official historian attempted to strangle in 2004. The presence of their site dates back to the Victorian period, and the Yemeni Warders are responsible for guarding and showing the site. I was fascinated by these birds. “Whether this is true or not, it is Christopher Skyf’s duty to monitor the country,” he told the BBC.

The world

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