The defense spending bill was vetoed by Trump, which had already been passed by a majority in Congress

The defense spending bill was vetoed by Trump, which had already been passed by a majority in Congress

US President Donald Trump Veto The bill, which includes annual defense spending, has already been approved by a large majority in both houses of Congress. Since the bill has been approved by both Democrats and Republicans, Congress is likely to re-adopt the same sentence with a two-thirds majority, that is, the text of the law that would force the president to sign the veto.

If this happens, it’s the first time Trump’s veto Congress. If Congress fails to repeal the veto, it will be the first time in 60 years that the National Defense Recognition Act has not been enacted.

Trump had earlier threatened that he would not sign unless some changes were introduced by Congress. In a veto message, Trump wrote, “We have no respect for our soldiers and our military history,” perhaps referring to suggestions to change the names of military structures that the Department of Defense remembers. Confederate leaders; Trump alleged that the law was a gift to China and Russia and that he wanted to limit his ability as president to reduce the number of U.S. troops abroad; He also opposed Congress’ decision not to repeal a law that gives special protection to tech companies that Trump accuses of being against him and the Conservatives.

Accordingly New York Times, “In the last weeks as president, the veto is the latest indication that Trump is ready to challenge MPs from his own party, forcing them to choose between loyalty to him and loyalty to Congress leaders; In some cases, loyalty to their ideals.

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