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The customer will step on the bill!

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Sunrise UPC: Merger for shareholders, not customers.
Sunrise UPC: Merger for shareholders, not customers.

As announced earlier this year, Sunrise UPC has announced plans to increase its position to 600 by the end of 2022 in a variety of phases and modes. While there is still work to be done on customer service, the second is to make a final note as this cup is huge.

UPC expects about 450 layoffs as part of sunrise absorption, or 13.5% at 3350 full-time positions (FTE). Sunrise UPC will make about 300 layoffs this year and expect 150 in 2022. In addition, by the end of 2022, there will be about 150 job cuts related to staff turnover. Communicated.

Waves of layoffs and job cuts

In detail, there will be about 300 layoffs this year, and about 100 positions will be cut due to staff turnover. Most of the employees affected by the layoffs in the current year will be notified of the latest information by the end of May 2021, the American telecom company continues.

Over time, we expect about 200 job cuts in 2022: 150, mainly in the form of layoffs in the finance, IT and technology sectors, and about 50 related to staff turnover, writes Liberty Global Subsidiary. A name for the quality of its service …

Social plan with Syndicom

Thanks to a community project designed by the Syndicom Union and two employee representations, UPC-Sunrise makes it clear that support for affected employees will not be financial. Relevant staff will be supported as part of a professional re-integration program (placement placement).

My opinion? Sunrise UPC confirms its core financial direction. Economies on a priority scale. When we look at the group of employees involved and the service that can be improved through the “merged entity”, we can be sure that the customer is paying the bill for this activity. Maybe before we leave the ship.

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