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The Cup of America, Cork is the polar place to host the Irish

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“Oracle took the time to choose where to host the cup,” they say in New Zealand. So, no rush. In fact, with the exception of the second thoughts – the process leading up to the 37th edition of the US Cup, which takes place outside of New Zealand and outside of New Zealand, is life-sustaining.

Ireland is excited, and according to the Irish Times Cork, the country’s second largest city in terms of population, a landmark in the south of the country will be on the pole position in the shortlist of venues to host the competition in 2024. According to Foreign Minister Simon Coweny – the newspaper reports – if they were 35 at the beginning, then they will be reduced to 12-14 and now they will be reduced (talking about the shortlist). There was also talk of Valencia, although the mayor later pointed out that the city is still paying off debts for the 2017 U.S. Cup, but it could be tactical. Italy has also been mentioned, but we are always rumored.

Meanwhile, in the US, the New York Yacht Club has teamed up with the West Coast Stars & Stripe to prepare for a new challenge. Outgoing captain Terry Hutchinson, former leader of American Magic, remains; Mike Buckley, 38, and Taylor Confield, 32, who started the challenge for AC 2020 from the west coast of the USA, arrived but were later unable to make it to Auckland.

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