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The cruise ship passenger was found alive nearly 21 hours later after falling overboard

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The man who fell Wednesday evening was not found by emergency personnel until the following evening. Rescue workers hailed this “Thanksgiving miracle.”

And Unexpected rescue. A cruise ship passenger who fell overboard in the Gulf of Mexico near Louisiana in the US on Thursday was found alive nearly 21 hours later. Guardian. The US Coast Guard speaks of a “miracle Thanksgiving“, Americans celebrated this national holiday on Thursday.

Research over an area of ​​more than 300 km

According to the fall takes place on Wednesday CNN. A 28-year-old man vacationing on a Carnival Cruise Lines cruise ship, the Carnival Whaler, leaves the bar to go out on deck with his sister around 11 p.m.

Worried that she won’t hear from her again, her sister alerts the crew members the next day. Although no one was found on the liner, the flight crew alerted the Coast Guard around 2:30pm on Thursday.

A ship from Florida, a helicopter based in New Orleans, and planes from Florida and Alabama are also mobilized to carry out the complex operation. Of course, the person has been missing for several hours by the time emergency services are contacted, so the search area extends over 300 km.

After more than 6 hours of work, members of a boat announce that they have found “a person in the water”.

“Something will be engraved in me”

A Coast Guard helicopter was immediately dispatched to the scene. He picks up the survivor and takes him to the emergency room at the New Orleans airport.

“He was able to give his name and confirm that he was the one who fell overboard,” search coordinator Lt. Seth Gross told CNN. The exact circumstances of his fall are still unknown.

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Rescuers said it was rare to hear of someone surviving in the water for so long. “It’s not something that can be taken lightly, it’s definitely something that’s been etched in me,” assured Seth Gross, who praised Miracles’ “will to live.”

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