The Croson Twinning Committee wants to “revitalize” relations with Sligo and Prologen-la-Vanois-Croson.

The Croson Twinning Committee wants to "revitalize" relations with Sligo and Prologen-la-Vanois-Croson.

After two years of forced dysfunction in their association, due to the Kovid-19 pandemic, members of the Croson Twinning Committee held their public meeting on Friday, November 19th.

After the disappointment of not being able to celebrate the twins’ 40th year with dignity with Sligo last year, the Committee is adamant in its desire to “revive the Committee on the Irish side and return to Ireland to target realistic exchanges with various local associations”. . A trip through the channel was mentioned next May in Crossen and Sligo, bringing together the people who inspired the twin to come alive.

Reconnect with traditions

For the second twin with Pralognan-la-Vanois in Savoy, talks are underway to “revive these twins,” especially between Philip Jon, who was selected from Prolog, and Dominic Gillois, the association’s crosonization assistant. The first project: a week-long walk in the Vanois Natural Park next September, after a high tide.

The Dual Committee hopes to reconnect with its traditions by organizing the Galette des Royce in January exclusively for their members and opening St. Patrick’s Day on March 19th.

Claudie Bryand was re-elected president

At the end of the meeting, a new board was elected: Claudie Brandt takes over the chairmanship, backed by Jean-Luc Proudh, the deputy chairman; Dr. Franോois Goudin, Treasurer; Dr. Francois Pond, Assistant Treasurer; Secretary Patricia Mary and Assistant Secretary Catherine Colin.

News in the Crosson

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