The criteria for physical-mechanical confirmation of cars remain in force; The Ministry of Finance is making arrangements

Vigente, norma para verificación de autos físico-mecánico; Secretaría de Economía prepara ajustes

After the President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Vehicle owners will not be allowed to be burdened Mexican official standard (NOM) 236-SE-2021, through which physico-mechanical conditions VehiclesOn Ministry of Finance Amendments are being made to the transitory articles of the said standard, which will be published before October 31, when the rules come into force.

Head of Controls, Competitiveness and Competition Unit Ministry of FinanceJesús Cantú told NOM 236-SE-2021, which establishes a physical-mechanical overview of private cars older than four years, that “some adjustments are coming.”

Kanto confirmed, “It was misunderstood that an additional test was going to be created, and as another environmental test is going to be added, the standard does not mean that the physical-mechanical conditions of the vehicles are more likely to cause accidents if it makes sense.

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The goal is to avoid accidents

In an interview at the end of World Accreditation Day organized by the Mexican Accreditation Entity (EMA), Kantu stated that “transients will have to be modified at some point, the standard itself will not be modified”. 2022 October 31, that is coming into force.

The aim is to avoid accidents as vehicles can present undetected mechanical faults, and it will be up to municipal and state authorities to check if the standard is being followed.

Wrong ”more Normal brake failureWe know that there are many opportunities for brake failure to cause accidents, so every vehicle should have an annual review, which can be done when changing the oil.

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He opined that the regulations are in force and have already been published in the official gazette of the Federation and therefore only the transitory articles of this Act published on May 3, 2022 will be changed.

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In the temporary ones, the president’s request not to incur costs to the owners will be met.

“Then we have the space to present different alternatives so that we can present them to the president in a timely manner and take into account the rules that have been put in place so that it does not become a burden to the vehicle owner,” he explained.

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