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The crisis in Iraq is intensifying. Iraqi army announced expansion Curfew across the countryAfter announcing it in Baghdad Starting at 3.30pm local time (2.30pm in Italy) and indefinitely.

L’him Meanwhile, he called on demonstrators to leave Baghdad’s Green Zone, according to media reports. Twelve people died and an unknown number of others were injured Due to bullets fired at eye level by unknown gunmen. Tear gas was also fired at the protesters.

The The White House He described the situation in Iraq as “worrisome” and called for calm and dialogue.

The riot broke out this morning Shiite leader Moqtada Sadr’s followers attacked the presidential palace of Baghdad. Protesters have Pictures of Iranian General Qassem Soleimani were burned and explosions were carried out, symbol of Iran. Tensions have risen in recent weeks and days, with Sadr’s supporters first occupying the parliament premises and then camping for several hours in front of the headquarters of the Supreme Council of the Judiciary. Last Saturday, Sadr gave the CSM a 72-hour ultimatum to dissolve parliament and invited all political and sectarian leaders to step down from all institutional and public positions to allow the reform process to begin. The same Shiite leader, who won elections in October, announced a “definitive” withdrawal from the country’s political life, which has been paralyzed by a year-long political stalemate due to a lack of agreement between political forces. Creation of new government.

Baghdad and Sadr supporters bathe in a swimming pool at a government building

SirThe winner of the Assembly elections held in October, He raised the tone of political protest by announcing his retirement from political life After 20 years of operation in post-Saddam Hussein Iraq, in the framework of a prolonged political and institutional stalemate for the formation of a new government.

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Outgoing Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa Kasimi In the afternoon he personally addressed Sadr, asking his followers to make a plea and rally en masse in Baghdad, abandoning the Palace of the Republic, which had been attacked a while ago, and retreating from the streets of the capital. Pan-Arab TV Al Arabiya reports, citing a statement from the Iraqi Council Presidency Office.

Meanwhile US military helicopters They fly over the skies of Baghdad’s mighty Green Zone. It was reported by pan-Arab TV Al Arabiya, which showed images of military helicopters flying low over Iraqi institutional buildings. According to other Iraqi press sources, US military aircraft Some Iraqi institutional figures are taken to safe havensA situation that cannot be confirmed in independent sources and on the ground.

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