The creator of the series wants to recruit a superstar from the Marvel universe

The creator of the series wants to recruit a superstar from the Marvel universe

The gangster series is about to say goodbye. A final lap is planned after Season 6. Opportunity to play a superstar from the Marvel universe?

Six seasons later, Thomas Shelby (Celian Murphy) and his teammates are about to bow their heads. The sixth season of the series created by the BBC will come to an end … Despite its creator, Steven Knight has long explained that the series will end shortly with a feature film.

Peek-a-boo blinds Depicts a family of Irish goons based in Birmingham, England. As their adventure progresses, they face opposing camps, the local police … and the British fascists last season. The cast is coming and going, and a very popular English actor auditioned himself for a role a few years ago, but did not succeed in convincing the producers of the series. Since then, the dubious actor has already become an international superstar within the Marvel Cinematic Universe, a huge cash pump worth hundreds of millions of dollars.

Is Spider-Man at home? Yes

This actor is definitely Tom Holland, Spider-Man Yourself. Recently, Peter Parker’s young commentator explained to the site LAD Bible That his teams rejected him Peek-a-boo blinds. A few days ago, during a preview of the sixth season, Steven Knight changed his mind and invited the young actor to join his team for the final film.

“He was definitely auditioning for a lead role. He explained, If he wants to go back to the movies we will take him.

Unmarked: PhotoNew stunts with Cilian Murphy soon?

The young actor is now saying nothing that he is ready to return to his homeland to join the band of happy Irish bandits. He became one of the most lucrative stars in Hollywood cinema, grossing $ 1.832 billion at the worldwide box office (still a temporary balance sheet). He is now trying to confirm the trial with the adaptation ofUnmarkedIt has raised $ 155 million so far after two weeks of operation.

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Of Season 6 Peak Blinders, Meanwhile, it will be broadcast on the BBC from Sunday, February 27, 2022. In France, the final episodes of the series are expected on Netflix by the end of March.

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