The couple finds the ‘secret room’ when they open the kitchen cupboard

The couple finds the 'secret room' when they open the kitchen cupboard

When renting an apartment in the UK, a couple had an unusual surprise. Days after moving to the new address, they opened the kitchen cupboard and found a ‘secret room’.

The episode was shared with a group Facebook Called ‘Things Found in the Walls – and Other Hidden Discoveries’. The British newspaper reports Daily Star, a The young woman, who did not reveal her identity, reported that she and her boyfriend were cleaning the new residence, and when they found the room, the only entrance was a small door located inside the kitchen cabinet.

The room has a window, no floors

Image: Playback / Facebook

Also, according to the post, the small room has a window, no floor, and some open wires and some construction materials.

“I rented an apartment with my boyfriend and found a room in our kitchen closet. I will leave something strange to the next tenants when we move,” he joked.

Other members of the group commented on the situation and joked. “I would make this place a haven for my kids to learn or eat my favorite snacks so they don’t have to share it with them,” one Netizen wrote. “I’m going to make it a very comfortable hiding place. Does your husband feel your nerves? Run to the hiding place,” another recommended.

Others hinted that the ‘secret room’ would be just some kind of warehouse.

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