The country with the highest number of immunizations in the world is ready to return to normal

The country with the highest number of immunizations in the world is ready to return to normal

This is the incredible result achieved by the Portuguese government. Thanks to the expert administration of the vaccination campaign Portugal Has become The country with the highest number of vaccines in the world So we can say goodbye to anti-Kovid restrictions.

The country, which has become a model in the field of immunization, has reaped the benefits of an effective public health campaign. Henrik de Gouvia e Melo, A Portuguese naval officer, chose a true national captain.

Thanks to his leadership, 84.3% of the population received the second dose of the vaccine, the high level of immunization arrived, convincing the government to lift the restrictions from October 1st.

Portugal has the highest number of immunizations

Such a result was encountered Henrique de Gouvia e Melo, New Portuguese national hero, He praised the “great effort” of the Ministry of Health, at a time when vaccines are most needed, i.e. before the summer.

Govia and Melo have formed a diverse team of about 30 military, mathematicians and doctors to fight the Kovid-19, co-operate with the ministry and coordinate about 300 vaccination centers.

Referring to Portugal’s national vaccination program of 1965, more than 5,000 health workers and volunteers were deployed in the area during the public health campaign, delivering 150,000 doses per day. In this way 86% of the population was vaccinated at the first dose but 84% were fully vaccinated.

Focusing on the target, the naval officer was initially unable to move forward with the support and outcome of the population.

In fact, by the end of September, Gouveia e Melo aims to have 86% of the 10.3 million Portuguese fully vaccinated: maximum accessibility. The remaining is 14% Below 12, Those with specific clinical conditions and unresponsive to vaccines (3% of the population).

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Reasons for Portuguese victory

The success of Portugal is, first and foremost, a number of factors Collaboration It happened between doctors, the army, the ministry and local officials. Although Portugal failed in their vaccination campaign, due to delays in pfizer doses, the team’s coordinated action saw results.

Anyway eye-catching The total cooperation of the people Those who joined the vaccination campaign without hesitation. Some experts claim that this collective phenomenon is a beautiful reminder of the first national plan of 1965 to defeat polio, smallpox and other deadly diseases.

It is precisely for this reason that no-wax performances have also been reduced to a minimum, allowing the ministry to continue the campaign silently.

However, Portugal does not say goodbye to all restrictions

If it is true that Portugal will return to normal from October 1, Not all precautions are abandoned. The government will remove all restrictions on restaurants; Bars and nightclubs will reopen, but some rules will remain in effect.

The number of people at events, weddings and restaurants will also be limited. Green passes are not mandatory in hotels and gyms, but are required for travel by air, ship and sporting events.

Instead, it will remain obligatory to wear the mask outside transportation routes, major events, nursing homes and shops.

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