The counting system of Neanderthals carved into the bone?

Des marques régulières gravées par Néandertal sur un os de hyène attestent de l'origine ancienne des systèmes de comptage développées par l'Homme. © d'Errico et al., 2018

When and how did man begin to count during evolution? Carvings from bone found near Angolim in the 1970s indicate that this discovery changed our history faster than we could have imagined!

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Neanderthals lived between 250,000 and 28,000 BC. He has developed a number of tools for catching and slaughtering omnivores and games. Intrap (National Institute for Preventive Archaeological Research) follows in the footsteps of this ancestor in the documentary Experts from the Past, which recalls his fascinating hunting methods.

60,000 years ago, a man By Neanderthals With the cut stone, the notes were found on a large piece Elbow hyena. These nine numbered notes do not appear to be drawn randomly parallel to each other and constantly keeping a distance from the bone. For example, they have the same shapes and depths, and are almost identically constructed Tool, Used in a unique way, by the same person and at an event. This tiny bone was not the first to be identified by archaeologists in prehistoric times by human hands, but the shape represented by this exact situation seems to be functional, while other finds are generally classified. Artistic performances.

“From the Origin of Numbers”

Different Money Scoring systems have been developed by the human race and different cultures Digital The variety is difficult to identify. A The article was recently published Nature This idea suggests that even today it is more complicated to understand a counting system that divides researchers. However, numbers generally define entities with exact values ​​representing symbols, which can be symbols or words.

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Francesco de Erico East Archaeologist From the University of Bordeaux, put forward a theory about the prehistoric origin of numbers, which is fortunate in the first place. He argues that when prehistoric humans saw the prey, they deliberately marked it on their bones. The meat was removed. According to his theory, the first representatives of mankind would later realize that patterns could be intentionally engraved on bones or beaches. These patterns can then be loaded with meaning and especially encoded digital information.

However, it remains to be seen what cultural and social factors led the Hominins to deliberately engrave such goals in the media and give them digital meaning. To understand the different number systems, specialists in cognitive science, anthropologists, and psychiatrists study what is used in many existing societies. For example, research has shown that existing hunting groups have more or less simple number systems and a greater variety of objects such as weapons. Tools And Jewelry Increased, more The numbering system contains different numbers. Therefore, in these variations, researchers hope to find clues that allow for understandingElevation Is far from the numbers in the history of mankind.

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