The countdown began for three important missions. In 2021, space agencies will take on important tasks

Üç önemli görev için geri sayım başladı. Uzay ajansları 2021 yılında önemli çalışmalara imza atacak

In the future, the busiest space agencies will have important work to do when they land on the moon again in 2021 and carry out a Mars mission. Three of these jobs stand out.

Many scientific studies had to be postponed or discontinued in 2020 due to the pandemic that affected all sectors. We see that scientists have more goals in 2021.
2021 Science Year
Thomas Zurbuchen, Director of the Science Task Force from NASA “Rarely Have We Seen It Before” He says 2021 will be the year of science. The activities to be undertaken this year will be important milestones for a better understanding of space and the universe.
New discoveries on the Red Planet
In 2020, various missions were launched to Mars. 2021 will probably be the year of new discoveries about the red planet. China’s Tianwen-1, UAE’s Hop vehicle and NASA’s permanent surface vehicle will be on Mars this year. All three vehicles are expected to arrive on Mars in February. Space Observatory
The long-awaited James Webb Space Telescope will serve as NASA’s next major space observatory. The vehicle, which will be used on October 31, 2021, will have to wait a year due to contagion and technical issues. With this tool, we can better understand the solar system and discover new exoplanets.
Images are coming this year
Vera c. The Rubin Observatory will also distribute the first films filmed this year. Headquartered in Chile, Vera c. Rubin can capture the sky in the southern hemisphere once every few days with an SUV-sized digital camera. The device, the largest digital camera, can view a golf ball from 22 kilometers and take 3200 megapixel photos. Although it will take 2023 for the system to be fully operational, the first films will come out this year.

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