The Cork Film Festival presents 11 Irish premieres

The Cork Film Festival presents 11 Irish premieres

The Cork French Film Festival, an important part of the city’s cultural calendar, will bring together cinematography and virtual screening for the best film lovers this year.

For the first time, the festival organizers are offering an online option for those who are unable to attend the screening directly and want to experience the work of the best French-speaking directors from September 2 to 5.

Details of the festival event were announced yesterday. Twelve French-language films will be screened, including 11 Irish premieres, many of which will come directly from world premieres at festivals such as Berlin and Toronto, and will be screened for four days at Cinemagate and online.

Presented by Alliance Franസois de Cork, the festival (photos) will begin and release in France in July, marking the return of Isabelle Adjani, the “grand dam” of French cinema. It tells the story of three sisters struggling with a complex Algerian-French family history.

The festival will also feature an event of short films to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of Autor de Minuit, one of the largest French short film production companies, with a number of major award-winning films at the Cannes Film Festival and an excellent Oscar presentation. . A short film.

Goddard Classic, which will air, will make music lovers around the world enjoy an exciting documentary that tells the story of Afro-Cuban music that started the legend of Mali’s occult villains, while the beautiful and captivating animation is perfect for families.

John Mullins, president of Alliance Franchise de Cork, said French-language movies and TV shows were becoming more popular during the lockdown.

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The French series he presented to the audience in Ireland and to the world of the best French actors.

Notably, a French thriller 2021 is the most-seen new play on Netflix.

“I hope this new appreciation for French production will encourage viewers to attend this year’s French Cork Film Festival.”

Valerie David-McConnell, a member of the board of directors of Alliance Franchise in Cork and co-director of the film festival, said the program features a variety of French language films.

The 32nd edition of the Cork French Film Festival kicks off with Jocelyn Le Gaul and Valerie David-McGonald. The strong cultural ties between Ireland and France are now well documented as France’s Ireland’s closest neighbor in the European Union. Photo: Dredge Ken

“This year’s festival celebrates not only French cinema, but also French cinema with Belgian () and Quebec () films,” she said.

The festival aims to provide an overview of French and Francophone cultures and societies, said Jocelyn Le Gaul, a member of the Board of Directors and Director of the Festival and Honorary Consul of France.

“France is Ireland’s closest neighbor to the European Union, and the strong cultural ties between Ireland and France are now further documented,” he said.

“The festival is not only for Francophones and people interested in Francophone societies and cultures, but also for those who love great cinema.

Tickets are now on sale here as well as https: // corkfrenchfilmf For online offers.

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