The consecrated priest refused to sign the oath of allegiance

Suspendierter Priester weigert sich, Treueeid zu unterschreiben

Vatican reprimands Irish Redemptorists for critical articles

Eight years ago, an Irish cleric was suspended from the Vatican for speaking out in favor of the appointment of women. Now he has to show loyalty to the teaching of the church – he refuses to do anything.

Dublin / Vatican City – 18.09.2020

Suspended Irish priest Tony Flannery has refused to sign the oath of allegiance to the Vatican. The Redemptorist father, who was banned from public service as a priest eight years ago, said the news portal was “extremely ridiculous” because he was likely to sign the paper, mainly because he supported women’s dedication.National Catholic Reporter“Reported Thursday.” This document is far from where I am now, and I wrote it in such a way that there is no room for any kind of conversation, “said Flannery, an Irish writer and retreat instructor.

The affidavit of fidelity sent to Flannery over the summer reflects the Catholic Church’s teaching of men’s special arrangement, homosexuality, registered partnership, and gender. For example, Flannery was to sign that “only a baptized man can receive the valid Holy Law” and that “homosexuals violate the natural law.” This document was obtained from the Vatican Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith and sent to Michael Braille, the Superior General Father of Redemptorists. Suggestion: Flannery “cannot do public service” until he has taken the oath of allegiance. In February, Braille suggested to the church that Flenery be allowed to serve as a priest again.

Flannery was suspended in February 2012 after a priest raised concerns about several books published in the Jesuit religious magazine. The first three issues of the oath of allegiance are related to what the Redemptorist addresses in his articles. The last item on the list is different: “I don’t think I wrote a line about gender theory,” Flannery says. He assumed that the text of the document was deliberately framed so as not to sign the oath of allegiance. With the publication of the letter, the 73-year-old wants to end this: “Look, forget it! I do not want to do anything with the church for the teaching of the faith.” So far, neither the Vatican nor the Redemption Order has commented on Flattery’s statements. In the 2019 film “Defender of Faith”, religious commentators commented on Benedict XVI’s status. Grapples. (Rome)

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