The confirmed PIS / Pasep allowance starts in January and can be doubled

The confirmed PIS / Pasep allowance starts in January and can be doubled

PIS / PASSEP Salary Bonus Workers have been waiting for since July when they will begin receiving regular pay, however, it has been postponed to 2022 following a decision by the Workers’ Support Fund (Codefat) Deliberative Council.

Despite the information related to the bonus deferral for next year, the good news is that the benefit will start to be released in January, which means that we only have two more months to finally get the workers’ pay bonus.

How Payment Will Work in 2022

Normally, the pay bonus begins in July and ends only in June of the following year, on a calendar that coincides with the worker’s birthday.

However, in 2022 the PIS / Pasep Allowance will have to be paid in the month of the worker’s birthday, i.e. January birthdays will be received in January and February birthdays will be received in February.

The novelty of the payment has already been confirmed via codefat Resolution 891/2021 Article 3, paragraph 2, states: Salary bonus amount will be paid to the identified workers from January to December every year based on the information provided by the employers in the previous year..

The change in the payment schedule was due to the same codefat decision to postpone the PIS / Pasep payment to 2022.

The new payment schedule will be available in January and will run from January to December. The calendar will be defined and the codefat will be released.

For those unaware, Codefat is the council responsible for managing the FAT (Fundo de Amparo ao Trabalhador) funds responsible for managing PIS / Pasep unemployment insurance and salary bonuses.

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In Codefat there are representatives of three categories of people who are interested in these benefits, namely workers, employers and government.

Double salary bonus

Another change that is likely to occur in 2022 is the pay bonus to be doubled for workers. This is because next year’s PIS / PASEP will be for those who worked in 2020 and 2021.

According to the Salary Bonus Act, it is paid in the year following the employee’s deduction, i.e., those who worked on a formal contract in 2021 must receive it in 2022.

Therefore, we have a deferred allowance for next year, i.e. the 2020 base year due this year and the 2021 base year allowance already scheduled for next year.

Thus, workers who comply with the Benefit Rules for Benefit 2020 and 2021 for the base year will have access to two PIS / Pasep Allowances simultaneously.

It should be noted that this possibility has not been defined by the government, as we have so far confirmed the 2020 salary bonus, however, since the payment rule has not changed, it is expected that the benefit will double next time. Year.

Salary bonus amount

It should be remembered that the salary bonus pays workers a minimum wage depending on how many months they have worked in the calendar year, i.e., those who have worked all year are paid in proportion to those who have worked less. Wages.

The account is simple, 1/12 salary for those who worked for only one month and 2/12 salary for those who worked for two months.

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However, as the benefit may double for those eligible for the 2020 base year allowance and those eligible for the 2021 base year allowance, many workers may receive a minimum wage of two in the next year of the allowance.

Workers who worked full-time in 2020 and 2021 will have access to two salaries, so many will receive the best amount of PIS / Pasep next year.

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