The Comprehensive “Sawyer” of the Southwest 2022: Episode 2, Imperial Monarch

The Comprehensive "Sawyer" of the Southwest 2022: Episode 2, Imperial Monarch

With the breeding season 2022 fast approaching, many breeders still do not know where to send their breeds, so here’s a chance to find more detail on the Trobrad stallions that will be deployed in the south – west this year. Today we look at the Imperial Monarch, the son of Galileo, who joined the Haras des Jac of this year’s Jacques Grand Champ des Roque.

Imperial Monarch, the first stallion of Jacques Grand Champ des Roques, is ready for the 2022 breeding season, which he will perform at Haraz des Jac near Bordeaux

That is no longer a fact. But it’s a reality. Jumping stallions, i.e. whole horses performing in hurdles and / or steeplechase, now have more and more access to the stud every season. North south, as well as west of the east hexagon. But aren’t they too many, exactly? Wouldn’t it be an additional problem to overcome them with stocks that are well represented by the barrier?

Jack Grand Champ des Roque, host of the Harares des Jack in Gironde to establish the Imperial Monarch in 2022

As the philosopher said Seneca: “Too much hurts everything“Of course, it’s easier to enter a door with two people than to have twenty – five at the same time, so sometimes it’s worth going straight … in the wind! After all, 100% of the winners are those who have tried their luck. Jacques Grand Champ des Roux It was well understood, so we decided to welcome it Imperial Monarch Inside him Haras des JackNear Bordeaux (Gironde) for the 2022 breeding season. A son Galileo Flat Gr.1 winner … already very active in jumps, thanks to the first generation born in Ireland!

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Imperial Monarch, under the saddle of Jos‌ O’Brien, with whom he won his most beautiful titles (© Sky Sports)

Student and Representative “Coolmore“It’s in the hands of expertsAidan O’Brien, Imperial Monarch won a “virgin” during his 2 year summer at the Kurag Racecourse, the mecca of flat racing in Ireland, without losing his competitive debut. He repeated his first outing on the 3rd, the second match of his career, making a great impression on the Classic Trial in the Sandown. Joseph O’Brien (One of Aidan’s sons, editor’s note) Behind him. Prix ​​du jockey-club (Gr.1) is extremely unhappy Sanois, In 2012, during the final packaging, “only” finished eighth, the Little Champion Susan Magnier, Michael Tabor & Derrick Smith He won the Grand Prix de Paris (Gran. 1), the last victory of his career, and did more than just set a record.

Imperial Monarch (Gross Blue Talk Gross Blue) won the 2012 Grand Prix de Paris (Gro.1) against top rivals such as Last Train, St Boudolino and other top trips (© APRH).

Sixth in the Canadian International Slatecase (GR1) and Dubai Gold Cup (GR3), Imperial Monarch finished his sporting career at the age of four, winning three of the six trips (including GR1 and GR3) in the 1,600m to 2,400m. Distances, and more than 400,000 euros (exactly 404,930 euros!) In my pocket. She then joined the study in 2014 The Beaches Stud, One of the dynasty’s antennas “barrier” Coolmore, In Ireland. Of course, his impressive model – real strength and good 1m66 when fading – along with his genetics – is the brother of three Gr.1s (“classic” distances (The Great Gatsby, Roman emperor And Mount Athos) As well as a nephewOscar (Father of Jump Over 30 Gr.1 Winners, Editor’s Note) -, foreshadowed that he has everything to do well in this discipline.

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Oscar, one of Imperial Monarch’s uncles, has left his mark on the European barrier (©

From his first two generations, born in 2015 and 2016, Star Gate And Sil Anna This trend was further confirmed by the fact that the first named, unfortunately not seen today, won the Balimore Winter Novices Hurdle (Gr. 2) and took second place in the phenomenon. Brave game In Newbury’s Chalo Novice’s Hurdles (Gr.1) in 2020, he took the lead at least three times, including once at the runner – up listing level, and passed the post (take “M on Mares” from Doncaster’s Hurdles, Editor’s note).

The late Stargate is one of 14 individual Imperial Monarch winners to date (© Alan Crohurst)

As a father, at the time of writing, the 14 individual winners who have taken the lead 20 times, along with others, have secured 50 podium positions in just 138 matches, displaying the delightful statistics of the Imperial Monarch being one of two. The products ended up in cash. This stallion has a very good ratio of ticking lots of boxes, and the arrival to the south-west has already been (very) well-understood by many professionals in the area. 2,000 € HT / PV for mating this season (1,500 HT / PV for Anglo-Arabs).

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