The company offers a passport to avoid paying tax on Bitcoin income

Pasaporte con bitcoins y mapa.
Important points:
  • A Plan B passport allows you to obtain a second passport in one of the seven tax havens.

  • The company carries out this process in conjunction with the residency programs of each government.

The Plan B Passport Company offers passports to citizens living in the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia and Canada who wish to opt out of payments made with Bitcoin (BTC) profits.

The owner of this company was Katie Ananina Interview Recently, the news network CNBC. The Russian-born Business Woman said during the speech that she is offering customers through this initiative The route to the second itinerary, one of these seven countries They are considered tax havens: Saint Kitts and Nevis, Antigua, Barbuda, Dominica, Vanuatu, Granada, Saint Lucia and Portugal.

The entrepreneur explains it These states impose a favorable tax regime for expatriate citizens They are housed for legal purposes. Capital held by all is exempt from income tax Cryptocurrencies, es says.

I was smart enough to imagine that $ 200 worth of Bitcoin would at one point be worth $ 100,000. I don’t think the government should have 40% of that.

Katie Ananina, Founder of Plan B Passport

Ananina assures that she has seen many Bitcoins that she trusts Obtaining a second passport is “mandatory” to avoid paying taxes. In cryptocurrency income. The passport is processed by the company they direct in conjunction with the social programs of residence or citizenship through the investment of each government.

Regarding the second, Ernets Marai, a lawyer for the international law firm Anderson, points out, for example, on the island of Santa Lucia, you pay $ 100,000 (donations), $ 250,000 (government bonds) or $ 300,000 (real estate) to obtain a passport.

Ananina, as it expanded, provided details that would help to know Business model of your company: “This is basically a contribution to the Sustainable Growth Fund of the country. So clients donate $ 1 million or $ 150,000 and contribute some upfront fees and government fees followed by my legal fee of $ 20,000. “

The holder of the Plan B passport does not deny that her clients in the United States are thinking Abandon your US citizenship. That is what the Tax Office (IRS) considers in that country Bitcoin And assets to other cryptocurrencies. This means that their owners must pay taxes, stocks or real estate.

Katie Ananina: Maximalist de Bitcoin

On your profile Twitter, Ananina defines herself as a bitcoin lover of music and navigation.

Renowned developer Vijay Boyapati La Describe, On that social network, as a “bitcoin maximalist who wants to help people get to where they are best treated, rather than being treated like tax breeding animals”.

According to a profile published by CNBC about its owner Plan B Passport, She was born and raised in Chelyabinsk, Russia. She was a professional sailor, and in 2016 she settled in the United States. Until then he did not speak English and now he speaks it well.

Ananina practices “international arbitration”: if a government affects her way of life, she moves to another place that is favorable to her. Fountain: Twitter

As he told CNBC, in early 2015 he spent two months in Spain competing for the Russian naval team. It was at that moment The ruble depreciated by 50%.

Businesswoman points out: “My macroeconomics professor could not explain it to me. I have no chance to run my equations and find out what happened there. I realized that she was not happy about how the money worked.

He met the developed cryptocurrency Satoshi Nakamoto Y She said, “A faithful bitcoin preacher”. For her, being a sovereign is not just about “believing in a coin,” it is a way of life. For example, she uses what she calls “international arbitration,” which means avoiding any governmental action or financial laws, and always going where she sees fit.

“If the government starts influencing me, I will take everything [mis activos] I can go somewhere else, ”says Ananina. This is the fuse that ignited her creativity to find her own company to help others crystallize the idea in her mind: take her possessions and go somewhere else.

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