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The cloud-in period impressed O’Dowa as Stephen Kenny lived up to his billing.

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Jason MacArthur questioned the genealogy of Stephen Kenny.

Soon after, Gary Breen warned the manager of the Republic of Ireland that “there is proof.”

Stephen Hunt commented that some of those who live in England on and around the national team do not know much about him.

A quick chat with a long time ago disables all these ideas.

O’Dowd’s qualifications are not a matter of debate when playing for Ireland. Born and raised in Oxfordshire, he qualified through his grandfather Brendan, who became famous for his association with lyricist Percy French and moved from Dandelion to England in the 1950s.

If the current team had a bunch of players who couldn’t speed up a manager who made his name in the Ireland league, boys who grew up in the UK and are immersed in the English game are the most preferred.

Not a bit of it. Not in the case of O’Dowd anyway.

“It never crossed my mind,” he said when referring to Kenny’s CV mostly airtight league postings and a short letter to Dunferline. “I played football with Rene Gilmart in the 21st setup.”

The reserve goalkeeper is a member of the club in Bristol City and also coaches some of their U23s. He was filling Kenny’s vacancies for O’Dowdie, explaining his philosophy in general and his work with the Ireland u21s, long before he was promoted to Dubliner senior rank.

Add to that the news from James McLean, Troy Parrot, Adam Ida and Aaron Connolly, who played under Kenny at Derry City, all of whom were under him in the Ireland 21s, and O’Dowa did well. To speed up from the beginning.

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This is a far cry from the “panicked” situation when Brian Kerr took over another man who went to such heights without paying the arrears in the water.

This is an exciting change in outlook over the past decade and a half. In this age of satellite TV and saturation coverage, this may be in line with Blythe’s appreciation for the game beyond its limits.

Still, if Kenny takes over with the credit in the bank, he will have to pay it in cash.

Demanding duty, self-defense and cop-ons means that players need to talk a lot about their gaffers and that O’Dowd has a special reason to be thankful for the confidence shown in him in the games against Bulgaria and Finland, but his argument goes beyond the basics.

Kenny’s strategic analysis and deer management were mentioned. There have been phone calls and zoom calls between international windows, but the key to all of this is the perception that less information is sometimes more.

“I know it’s crazy to think – we haven’t even been together for two weeks on camp – but I feel like I’ve worked under him for more than that. So this is something I definitely noticed, and that’s what every player wants. ”

Jason Molambi was at the center of everything Kenny did in the 21s. Not only in his midfield, but also in armor. Shares have now risen and attracted attention, but Brighton midfielder manager has not deviated from the template he has taken so far.

“It’s very similar, to be honest, the way he handles it and the way he talks about it,” Molumbi said. “I don’t think Stephen will change the way he thinks about things. I know him better than most of the boys in the group.”

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Both players say that positivity and encouragement are key themes. Kenny has pushed the envelopes to the front, and he has already shown clips of Irish players who can deliver the first balls of defense and pick up more direct passes.

O’Dowd is 25 years old and Kenny is considered to be the best manager who has focused on detail and man management. These two features will be especially important as the squad prepares for the Euro 2020 playoffs and subsequent Nations League games in Bratislava tomorrow.

“It’s impossible for anyone to come and turn it around in a week,” said O’Dowa, who declared himself eligible this week after suffering a kidnapping injury four weeks ago. “If you are based on the results, we were disappointed from the last trip. You look at the quality of the room, it was a completely different system, and the staff.

“It’s tough. I personally think no one can predict what will happen in the future in the next three games, but we are confident enough to even win all three of these games in the dressing room. ”

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