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‘The city has become unbearable’: Why are so many leaving Los Angeles? | US News

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The epidemic creates deep-rooted problems and many Angelinos reduce their losses and leave the city.

Homelessness This has long been a problem in US cities like Los Angeles.

Since Infectious disease Hit, the number of people living in tents in the city has increased visually.

The number of homeless people in the city of California has increased over the past year

On the affluent Venice Beach, the sidewalks of the affluent residential streets are now lined with tents.

An unidentified realtor told Sky News that one of her clients had returned to her Venice beach home and found a homeless person in her kitchen.

“It was at that point that she put her home on the market saying ‘I’m out,'” he said.

“As a woman living on her own, she didn’t feel safe living there.”

You hear this time and time again from people.

The city seems more dangerous, and the homeless are out of control – on top of high taxes and eye-watering rents, many are already considering moving out if not already.

Tents line the streets in the affluent areas of Los Angeles
Tents line the streets in the affluent areas of Los Angeles

Comedian Joe Rogan is a high-profile resident who left LA for Texas – driving factors are congestion, traffic and the homeless. He is not alone.

Kirsten, a British expatriate, posted online: “We moved from LA to Ojai because things in the city became unbearable for us.”

When contacted, she told Sky News: “Some people in our circle of friends are leaving or planning to leave LA because of COVID.

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“This has caused an earthquake in the lives and priorities of many people. The LA is going down. The homeless are out of control and the inequality that exists in the city is more visible than ever.”

You cannot misunderstand the growing gap between rich and poor here.

On Venice Beach, there are rows of tents where people now make sandwiches between Gold’s gym and Google’s corporate office, where Arnold Schwarzenegger trains.

This is really the story of two cities.

As tents pile up on LA footpaths, signs for sale and for lease also appear.

Homes are now empty on some of the most sought after streets in Hollywood.

Removal companies are also spreading – some are moving from Los Angeles and San Francisco to growing demand.

Unemployment in Los Angeles is about 20%
Unemployment in Los Angeles is about 20%

Danny O’Brien, who recently sold his business Watson’s removals, said: “We can’t get the trucks we need to get the goods out.”

Despite the booming business, he has also made the decision to leave LA.

The cost of living was the driving force behind his decision to move to Nashville for a more affordable life, but the poor condition of the city was also a big factor.

“In some places you can not even walk down the street for tents. People are walking down the street – these are the pictures your kids see now. We encourage people to get there now by installing bathroom facilities.”

According to the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority, the number of homeless people has risen 16.1 percent this year to 41,290.

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This data is from January before the corona virus hit.

Since then the unemployment rate here has been around 20%.

The epidemic is likely to leave 36,000 families homeless in LA.

Scott Campbell had a mortgage but now lives in a tent
Scott Campbell had a mortgage but now lives in a tent

Scott Campbell lived in a tent on Venice Beach for two months.

He said: “I have two houses, if I had a mortgage, insurance and liability.

“A lot of people who don’t pay rent and don’t pay their mortgage are going to leave their homes, so I want to show people how to do this,” he gestures to his tent.

He was a regular immigrant from cities such as LA, New York, Chicago and San Francisco before the epidemic hit.

Increased corona virus outflow.

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Bulldog Realtors in Venice Beach is making the market better.

Selling multi-million dollar homes near homeless settlements is undoubtedly a growing challenge.

Bob, the company’s director, said Friday, “We need to get rid of the attitude of ‘Oh, don’t put that housing project in my backyard.’ It has to go somewhere.

He continued: “These are not moving by pretending they are not there with our eyes closed. We can see it now.”

LA is a very expensive place to stay, but for people with dreams it seemed expensive.

This may not be a permanent change, but LA’s appeal has been greatly diminished by the growing social and economic problems.

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