The chronology of the media in France will change

If there’s one thing we can complain about in France for years, it’s about the chronology of the media. Behind this term hides a ban of at least 3 years to gain access to a movie that will be released in cinemas. Fortunately, a new agreement, which will take effect in early 2022, will halt or reduce this process.

Media Chronology: Finally a Modern System?

France has great advantages in many areas, but given the chronology of the media, it is true that the law that has been in force for years is no longer in osmosis with our time. As a reminder, the law requires that services like Netflix, Amazon Prime or Disney + wait three years before being released in cinemas.

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SVOD services, as mentioned above, are no longer useful indefinitely in a world of millions of French households. But the good news is, according to EchoesA new partnership between Canal + French films will enable the rules to be amended in the right direction.

To begin with, Canal + took advantage of the opportunity to maintain its number one spot in French cinema by renewing its previous contract for another three years. The new thing here is that the waiting time for the content to be streamed on its platform has been reduced from 8 months to 6 months. That means it can be found on Canal + from August if it is released in movie theaters in January. It should also be noted that the encrypted channel can maintain exclusivity for up to 9 months.

For others, the waiting period for Netflix & co is 36 months (3 years) to 15 months (1 year and 3 months). If we want to make this waiting time even shorter, it is still a good idea to claim success once in a while.

Summary of new timelines:

  • Canal +: 6 month waiting period after theatrical release (9 months special possible)
  • By: Possibility to put the movie in replay soon if it is shown at least once on the Canal Group channels.
  • Netflix, Prime, Disney + … : 15 month wait after theatrical release

This new media chronology will be implemented from the beginning of 2022. If French cinema is the first to be affected by this reform, do not forget that it also applies to foreign productions. Very good news that makes everyone happy.

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