The Chrome interface for Android has been updated with a new bar for general functionality

The Chrome interface for Android has been updated with a new bar for general functionality

Google’s Chrome web browser is considered to be the leading carrier of Android devices worldwide, yet has not been updated with significant visual changes. But such a change seems to be happening His way These days virtually all app users, after more than a year of testing.

This is a button that Google calls the “Intelligent Shortcut” that appears next to the address bar. Although the “plus” button used to open a new tab in this area is still populated, the new button can adjust itself between several different functions depending on usage habits and the site being viewed at the moment. Options include opening a new tab as usual, sharing the URL quickly with other users, and searching the voice using the device’s built-in microphone.

For users who are not satisfied with the automatic selection, Google offers the option to manually select only one function that remains in the menu. To do this, long-press the button, and then select the desired option.

As mentioned, Google has begun to implement this update for users of the latest version of Chrome for Android. Users who have not yet activated the new shortcut button are welcome to try activating it manually by entering the following command in the address bar: chrome: // flags / # adaptive-button-in-top-toolbar-customization.

As the company has not yet officially announced the innovation as it usually does on its official blog, Google may now consider it a “test” for a limited number of users. Therefore, if the audience response is not positive, it is likely to be removed later.

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