The Chinese soldiers on Mars Rover go to work after completing the initial program

The Chinese soldiers on Mars Rover go to work after completing the initial program

China Rover Surong Mars After completing the initial program of exploring the Red Planet and searching for chilled water, you can give clues as to whether it has supported life.

China’s National Space Administration said on its website on Friday Surong He completed the 90-day program on August 15 and was in perfect technical condition and fully charged. It said it would continue to explore the area known as Utopia Planetia, which landed on May 14.

Surong continuously transfers images and data through the Tianwen-1 orbiter, which passes once a day. China is the second largest landing and operating country after the United States A spacecraft on the surface of MarsDays are 40 minutes longer than on Earth.

1.85 m high, Jurong. Is much smaller than American Perseverance Rover, Explores the planet in a small helicopter. NASA expects the rover to collect the first sample in early July 2031. Meanwhile, China is adding its permanent space station, and now three astronauts have been launched into orbit in Tianhei, or Heavenly Harmony, in April. . 29. Two astronauts completed their second spaceflight on Friday. All three will return to Earth in September and will be replaced by a new crew.

China has previously launched two small test space stations. It has been removed from the International Space Station at the insistence of the United States, which is concerned about the secrecy of China’s space program and close military ties.

Any cooperation between NASA and the CNSA requires congressional approval. China, the space program of any country since the 1970s, recently returned lunar samples and launched a probe and rover on the far side of the unexplored moon. In 2003, China launched the first astronaut into orbit, becoming the third country to do so.

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