The challenge for Unimc is animated, Spiegarelli: “I gave my availability” McCourt: “Conversation needed in the future”

The challenge for Unimc is animated, Spiegarelli: "I gave my availability" McCourt: "Conversation needed in the future"

MACERATA – Applied Economics Professor Adornato has confirmed that he is ready to run for the post: “We will make a comparison of the two most important issues in these two months that separate us from the vote.” Director of the Department of Humanities: “If I am elected, we will prepare ourselves for the major challenges that await the university and the city.”

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Francesca Spigarelli: “I have declared my readiness to run in the election.”

From Mauro Gustosi

Delegate Francesca Spiegerelli and John Francis McCourt, director of the Department of Humanities at the University of Maserata, will run for the university’s next election on June 29, replacing Francesco Adornato. His verdict was elected ..

And, incidentally, on the initiative this morning they found themselves at the same table, Confirms the rumors that have been circulating so far They will be seen in the media and on social networks in a race to fill the role of the new Rector of the University of Maserati.

“There will be a new election soon and a process to approach this appointment will begin,” said Spigarelli, a professor of applied economics at the department. Law -. A path that should lead to the creation of a program and a debate within our university. I have volunteered to take part in this election, which will cover the entire University of Maserata. During these two months there will be a way to separate ourselves from the vote to compare the most important issues and to hold meetings to publicize what Unimc’s views on the future are.


John Francis McCourt: “If I am elected, we have 4 months to prepare for the challenges that await the university and the city.”

There are no previous strategies, even on the part of Director, Department of HumanitiesIrish John Francis McCourt That too He has publicly confirmed his readiness to run in the run-up to the June university elections. “Yes, I confirm my readiness to be elected as the new rector,” McCourt said. I started a period of listening to different souls in different departments, and I am convinced that it will be a necessary, faithful and ideological debate about the future of our university, which will include many colleagues who are part of the university. Vote for new rector .. If I am selected, we will have four months to prepare ourselves for the important challenges that await the university and the city itself.

Voting ends June 29 in Polo Pantaloni, 9.30am, in case of negative result, 15pm. The Rector is elected by an absolute majority of those who qualify in the first two votes. In the absence of an election, a vote will be taken the next day between the two candidates with the most votes. In the event of a tie, new and immediate votes will be cast until the election. A total of 203 full-time professors, 83 researchers, 19 student representatives on the Student Council, 285 members of the Librarian Technical Administrative Staff and linguistic collaborators are eligible to vote. The vote of this last category is considered to be 33%, hence a total of 94 votes. Each voter can vote for only one candidate. Nominations must be formally submitted by May 30, 30 days before the vote.

Unimc, Voting for Rector: Election June 29

Unimc’s new Rector: Pollastrelli appears between Spigarelli and McCourt

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