The cameras of “Cafe Al Tajmu” reveal a surprise in the case of the expulsion of girls for wearing “Abhayas”.

The cameras of "Cafe Al Tajmu" reveal a surprise in the case of the expulsion of girls for wearing "Abhayas".

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The details of an incident were revealed by the circles Get a bunch of girls out Protesting at a cafe in the Fifth Settlement area of ​​CairoThey take refuge It was shared on social networking sites Facebook.
Sources said: After checking and communicating with the owner of the cafe mentioned, he denied spreading the allegations and presented the recording and security services from the cafe’s surveillance cameras on a CD. Their opposition.
The owner of the cafe revealed that the girls had not left Pay for their requests After they caused a problem with the manager of the cafe, he was surprised that one of them defamed the cafe on the social networking site Facebook.
A report on the incident is being prepared and presented to the public prosecution for investigation, and the girls are being arrested to hear their statements about the allegations against them.

Dina Hashish, one of the girls who attended the event, wrote on her Facebook account: “Someone thought Burkini was a month away from suffocation and class interruption, but I opened the season with the story of me and my first story. Shisha Cafe is a simple but updated cafe on 90th Street, with finishing costs, ebony suppliers and cafe staff, so think about the great job.

When we started meeting, we were 5 girls, each of us looked handsome, I, a diverse group of people like veils in different shapes, Benetton ads. We have Tim content writing for 1.7 million followers, and the best thing about us is our differences, because we pass them on regardless of the background of all our followers. ”

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She continued, “Two hours later, another girl came in with tears in her eyes in embarrassment. She told us, ‘I can not attend the meeting, I do not need you here because I am wearing a shelter !!! I am not a member of the content team. I will build you out of my love and respect for her. Says.

Hashish said of the incident: “I made the director happy, I told him, you’re ashamed, we’re in 2021, I’m had strong conversations for fear of making a difference. In front of them. You have to see decent people. The place is already empty. They tell me on camera, the manager blames me. It is not allowed to wear abaya, niqab, or slippers. I have never been kicked out of nowhere in my life, one day it will be a coffee, I do not even want to eat, they ran and saw us on the street to pay for the food they need. ………. ………. We did not eat it, it was done, we told him to pay your manager after this insult. She pushes me out and pushes me when I eat.

She continued: “We all stood with our friend and supported her choice to wear her. We walked to Caspar & Gambinis. It was the best, cleanest and most expensive. There was no one to pray to. But you know about hookah, not a borough club. Your problem with clothing is incomprehensible and friendly. I hope you will see a doctor who can help you solve your mental problems. As for your problem. ”

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Hashish revealed a message he received from the cafe through his Instagram account, in which he said that the cafe respects all girls and that Hashish’s work team was present for more than two hours at the event.

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