The camera filmed the fire attack on the tobaccoist

The camera filmed the fire attack on the tobaccoist

The surveillance camera should look incredible. Solidarity with the victim is extreme.

Veen. New indications that the gasoline attack on NadineW is an ice-cold planned assassination attempt have emerged from a surveillance camera assessment that the 35-year-old tobacco connoisseur Nasdorfer placed in a mini shop in Strauss.

As Austria has learned from legal circles, the suspicious friend, the native Egyptian Ashraf A. Pictures will be shown of the victim being strangled with his hand or rope before being strangled to death. Brought with him and lit a disposable lighter. Then the longtime unemployed pizza chef (who last worked in the kitchen at AKH) locked the shop from the outside with the smoker’s key and threw it into a public trash can – so the fire hell could move the woman too fast so that the rescuers would not get caught.

These are all indications of an incredibly cruel motive. Suspicious lawyer Manfred Arbacher-Steger asked: β€œHe wanted to scare her and not hurt her badly. He is afraid of everything.

Life is in danger, but Nadine W.

The victim of the fire attack is recovering only in the intensive care unit of the AKH with major injuries – 50 percent of the facial skin burns the upper body and legs, and several surgeries are still required. β€œYour return will be a difficult one,” write relatives and friends who started a fundraising campaign for a better place, Newlengbacher. At the time of going to press, 35,755 euros had already been collected. Ashraf A. The presumption of innocence applies.

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