The British media falsely allege that Russia violated Ireland’s sovereign airspace

The British media falsely allege that Russia violated Ireland's sovereign airspace

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The British newspaper The Times on Monday (7) came under fire after publishing an emotional article about the work of the Russian Air Force.

O Article Last year, six Russian Air Force planes entered Ireland’s sovereign airspace, which proved completely wrong.

In March 2020, John Mooney, the journalist responsible for the critical text, claimed that “six Russian planes were spotted by European and NATO air forces off the west coast of Ireland,” although the suspicious plane flew over international airspace.

In particular, anti-submarine aircraft, communications relay aircraft, and T-160 blackjack bombers (in NATO rank) were allegedly attacked.

“Russian military aircraft often fly off the west coast [da Irlanda] Without communicating with air traffic control and completing a flight plan, the article states: “The presence of the aircraft on the west coast created great difficulties for Irish air traffic control. “

However, the events described by Mooney would not have occurred in Ireland’s sovereign airspace, but in the Flight Information Region (FIR) hundreds of nautical miles away. The second RT News.

It is important to recognize the crucial differences between the two airspace – the Irish sovereign airspace ends 12 nautical miles (19 km) off its coast, while the FIR is merely an area responsible for Irish air traffic control.

Another factor that led to further criticism of the Times for publishing this article was the reference to Declan Power, a defense and security expert and former Irish soldier, who called for more military investment and more cooperation. Dublin and NATO.

However, Canadian expert Stefan Watkins, who is committed to denying misinformation about planes and ships, Refer This is not the first time the British media has published such a story.

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