The Bridgetton Chronicle Season 3: Benedict Sap! Here are the selected characters for the sequel (it changes books)

The Bridgetton Chronicle Season 3: Benedict Sap!  Here are the selected characters for the sequel (it changes books)

Since the release of Season 2 The Bridgetton Chronicle On Netflix, it was suspense: after Kate and Antony will be well back in future episodes, what are the new heroes of Season 3? If we were to follow the novels, Benedict (Luke Thompson) should have taken over, but Shonda Rhymes sowed doubt by declaring that the series would not follow the order of the literary saga. Following the statements of Simon Ashley, who referred to Cole and Penelope as heroes, we now have confirmation.

Nicola Koglan confirms that Cole and Penallop will be at the heart of Season 3

This Sunday, May 16, 2022, Nicola Coglan, Historical Moon (Edwina), and Simone Ashley (Kate) were invited to a panel. The Bridgetton Chronicle. Referring to Season 3, Penelope Featherington’s commentator has finally confirmed the information: she’s going to be the star of the sequel, and its shooting will begin in a few weeks. “Like Lady Whistledown, I’ve been keeping it a secret for a while, but I can confirm that Season 3 will tell the love story of Cole and Penelope.The actress said, “She’s admitted to knowing this secret since the filming of Season 2!

You will be crazy

During this panel, Nicola Coglan agreed that this sequel was logical for the Colin / Penelope duo, thus replacing Benedict, the star of the third novel. The Saga, written by Julia Quinn, tells the story of Cole in the fourth book. “If we had seen Penelope attack him in another season, ‘Catch yourself! Come on, go ahead ‘“The Irish actress has been justified. She also admits that the new showrunner Jess Brown has already revealed what awaits Cole and Penelope in the sequel.”I think you will go crazy. I think fans of the book will be very happyShe adds.

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Last week we learned that Francesca Bridgetton will change her face during Season 3 of the series. A season 4 has already been ordered and we think it should be centered on Benedict this time.

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