The brand offers periodic coverage for all women in Ireland


Liddell noticed a new law now being passed in Scotland. The first country to establish that menstrual insecurity should not affect women today. Although this problem affects the whole world, things are changing in Scotland as well. This law has been making people happy since 2020. In its tradition, in Ireland, lid stores have developed a system for their customers to benefit from periodic generic protection. A world first! Opposition Don’t hide from yourself that the activity will spread to all lid stores! On the other hand, free hygiene can be reserved for those who need it initially.

Lid will become the world’s first store to fight menstrual insecurity

Although Scotland has set up public spaces with suppliers of hygiene care, Lid also decided to work. In order for women to have access to these hygiene products, a coupon system will be introduced in the Lild Irish stores.

In France, the subject is not yet on the list. But it will not be long before it comes. In fact, the question of menstrual accuracy pervades the mind of our region. The government has said Cruz will take action against university residences and university health services. Sanitary dispensers for hygiene will be available from the September 2021 academic year. Since then, companies have also been updating and installing dispensers in their neighborhood toilets. With a little patience, the whole of France will be able to effectively fight against menstrual insecurity. But this distribution in stores in Ireland does not affect Lidlin’s talent for generous distribution.

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Lidlin always knows how to react quickly and adapt quickly. Like its flagship products that change every week and unbeatable promotions. In the current week, from 21 to 27 April 2021, Spain is focused on the French lids.

May 3 Explains Ireland current procedures at lid stores

We are proud to announce that we are the first major retailer in the world to offer periodic generic coverage in stores nationwide to combat menstrual insecurity in partnership. Homeless period Ireland. ” Says Lid. That’s great news! And Opposition You are invited to show your interest in implementing this process.

“Our new initiative means that through the Lid Plus app, customers can claim a coupon dedicated to receiving one pack of generic packets of sanitary napkins or tampons each month.”

So, this means you will have to register in your store in Ireland to benefit from the action plan. We have not yet reached the same level as Scotland. But the efforts are commendable, and they are moving in the direction of the fight against menstrual insecurity.

We are also committed to making quarterly contributions to these products Simon Communities To ensure that homeless people – those who do not have access to a smartphone – have access to essential items. Liddle concludes.

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Therefore, people who do not have the means to obtain the necessary sanitary protection can obtain them at homeless help centers. This is a model to follow. Lid France might be next on the list! Opposition I’m sure you will be notified!

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