The book is returned to the library after a loan of 50 years – e-mails

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The book was returned after a 50-year loan to a library in Pennsylvania.

The book was returned after a 50-year loan to a library in Pennsylvania. Photo: Unsplash / @ alfonsmc10

One The book Borrowed 50 years ago from a library in Pennsylvania United States, Returned to its original location anonymously last month.

Newspaper The voice of the citizens, From the town of Wilkes-Barre, reported a copy this week Coins you can collect (Coins you can collect, Translated by Burton Hobson, arrived at the Plymouth Public Library in Lucerne County with a $ 20 bill.

The author wrote an unsigned letter in the book, saying: “Fifty years ago (yes, 50!), A little girl kicked me out of this library in 1971. At the time, she did not know she was leaving Plymouth. At that time, children had never heard of such a thing.”

“As you can see, she cared for me a lot,” the manuscript continues, explaining that this item is regularly packed for change, but “there were always plenty of books”.

The author of the letter, speaking in her own voice and disliking the book, said she often intended to return the job but somehow she never did. “It’s become a common joke in my family. They always ask me if they take the ‘Plymouth Book’ with us whenever we move,” he wrote.

The woman suggested that she knew $ 20 would not come close to paying the fine she had accumulated over 50 years, but that “with this you can pay some fine for some children”.

Laura Keller, director of the library, said the books gave “some big fines” to a young mother who wanted to borrow again. Library loans will be suspended if the fine exceeds $ 5, they explained.

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Keller said the letter and book will soon be on display in the library. The identity of the woman who returned the job remains a mystery, however she said she would know the story about family and friends if it was published in a local newspaper.

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